Lab director:
Dr. Thea Knowles

Michigan State University


Clinical Applications of Speech Acoustics Lab

Lab director: Dr. Thea Knowles

The Clinical Applications of Speech Acoustics (CASA) Lab studies speech production in people with motor speech disorders using a combination of acoustic, perceptual, and person-centered techniques. The overall goals of the CASA Lab are to better quantify the characteristics of disordered speech production, as well as to identify mechanisms to inform and improve clinical speech management.

The majority of our work focuses on speech deficits related to Parkinson’s disease. While there are well known, evidence-based behavioral interventions for speech deficits in PD, many individuals are not good candidates, do not respond well, or have difficulties transferring their skills beyond the clinic. The long-term goal of our lab’s research is to identify speech characteristics of these individuals to prevent people from “falling through the cracks,” as well as open up new possible avenues for assessment and treatment.

Some of our recent projects include assessing acoustic and perceptual changes resulting from speech rate modifications, the potential benefits of speech amplification technology, and how talkers with Parkinson’s can overcome challenges imposed by face masks.