Ongoing curated list of useful resources for writing articles/theses in RMarkdown

A list of resources I am finding helpful for preparing to write a dissertation in RMarkdown. Lucy D’Agostino McGowan’s incredibly helpful toolkit & blogpost: “One year to dissertate” Rosanna van Hepen’s blog series on writing a thesis with RMarkdown My presentation at our R-Ladies #LndOnt chapter meet up on using RMarkdown for writing articles (more useful links in the presentation) Angela Li’s twitter thread of how she used RMarkdown for thesis writing Curtis Miller’s blog post on how tips for organizing R projects RStudio community thread on recommendations for writing a dissertation in RMarkdown/RStudio

Producing annotated bibliographies with Mendeley (and a little bit of LaTeX)

I’ve whittled away quite a bit of time trying to optimize my workflow for getting started on new research projects. Finding a good reference manager is a big, big part of that optimization.